Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tomato Trio Oil Painting...

Tomato Trio......10x20.....Oil on Gallery Wrap......$250 SOLD

I don't know if I had mentioned in a prior post, but I made a gallery switch here locally. It was a difficult decision, but I just felt it was something I needed to try.
Well, in the first three weeks at the new gallery I am excited to say that they sold a set of three 12x12 tomatoes, three 5x7 pears and a 10x 20 Tobasco painting.
The owner wants more fruits and veggies! So these are some tomatoes that I did for her. Hopefully we will witness a flying tomato phenomenon as they fly out of the gallery.

New Orleans Courtyard Oil Painting...

Another World.....24x36.....oil on canvas(commission)

This is a little peak into another world. A private courtyard just off the hustle and bustle of Royal Street in New Orleans. I took this photo when we were there celebrating our anniversary. I painted this just before the grandtwins arrived. It was a commissioned piece and the owner loved it. I did, too. But her opinion was more important since it will hang in her dining room.

The Grandtwins are 5 months old!

McKinley Kayleigh

The babies turned 5 months old yesterday. They have been here with us for a week and a half now and they just grow more precious every day. We have enjoyed watching the pattern of their daily lives and getting to help with the things that grandparents enjoy...bathing, feeding, playing, reading. It is a dream come true for Mike and me to have these little nuggets here with us.