Monday, May 2, 2011

Outstanding weekend at Double Decker Festival...

 "On the Halfshell"......22x24.....oil on canvas.......SOLD

"May I Help You?"...8x24.....Oil on canvas.....SOLD

Ok,  I have just returned from an outstanding weekend at the Double Decker Festival in Oxford, MS. (home of Ole Miss)   The weather was perfect, the crowds were great, I had (if I do say so myself) some of the best art I have ever produced, and along with the greatest family/support staff in the world I had the most successful art weekend I have ever had. 

I think the most interesting thing that happened was that one of my customers bought 6, yes S-I-X, paintings to hang on his 103-ft yacht seen below...

Although it would be great if all shows were this successful, I feel very blessed that this one was as good as it was.  And again I couldn't have done it without my Art Support Staff...Mike, Dacia and Shaun!