Sunday, September 22, 2019

Red River Revel is almost here!!!!

By this time next week I will be all set up and will already have seen some of my Shreveport friends and collectors!  I can't wait to get my double booth (my first time to have one!) set up and filled with all my new artwork. 

The painting above is one that I re-worked from last year.  Below is the original.  At last year's Revel one of my visitors suggested that a heron would look really good in this scene.  So I added one and changed the surroundings a little bit.  I like it much better now, don't you?

Come see it in person if you are in the Shreveport area.  The show runs from Saturday, September 28 through Sunday, October 6.  It's bigtime fun!!!  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

I have a new website!!!

Break out the good stuff!  It's time to celebrate!  I have needed a real live big-girl website for a LONG time.  But it was so overwhelming when I tried in the past to get one off the ground.  BUT this time the good people at one of my favorite artist resource sites, EmptyEasel, came up with an easy-peasy set-up that even I could wrap my head around!

You sign up to get a web-site, they design it for you for $59, then they send it to you....then YOU can customize it and populate it and change it to suit yourself.  But the hard part is done.  You pay a $19 hosting fee monthly after that.  It's that easy.  (And if you decide to pay the hosting fee for the year, the design part is FREE!)  Best. Deal. Ever,

And can I tell you about the customer service!!!!  Oh my goodness!  The best!  If I had a question on loading stuff onto the page or changing something or hooking up PayPal or basically anything, I just had to email and it was generally answered that day...sometimes within minutes.  It was wonderful!

Oh, and I forgot to say this....on the day that they sent my site to me to start working on, Dan sent me an email and asked when was a good time to call and walk me through how to get my part done so we could go live!  He literally talked me through the steps of adding my art work and getting things how I wanted them to be.

There are a lot of fancy options on there that may mean more to you if you are more techie than me.  I hope to learn about some of them in the future.  But for now I am just happy to have this puppy up and running!

I could do a commercial for these folks.  Well, I guess I just did.  for those of you who don't need a website, I know this is TMI.  But for those who do need one, this is NEI (not enough info).  So I will stop gushing now and say this....if you want to ask me anything about this process, feel free to email me at

And now.....just go look at it!  It is not over the top too technical or super swanky.  It is just what I need, though.  Easy to handle and maintain and understand.  And you can buy right from the site.  Yep, I've need this for a long time!!!!!  Go take a look...

PS.  The painting at the top is from my new fall art selections that are all featured on my spiffy new website.  You can find it under the heading ART and choose "available paintings" in the drop-down menu.