Friday, February 26, 2010

Extra Olives, Please....Oil Painting

Extra Olives, Please.....10x20.....oil.....SOLD

This was my first time to paint olives by themselves. I got a lot of good comments on them. They were my mom's favorite. And then, at my show, while I was standing talking to a lady that had just told me that she was going to buy this painting...the gallery owner came and removed it from the wall....someone else had already purchased it. But I plan to do more. I love the greens that I got to use for this subject...a real challenge to mix it just right.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 has got to improve soon....

This year has gotten off to a rocky start in many ways. Sure, there have been some bright spots....the Saints DID win the Superbowl, I HAVE had my first solo art show in a major local gallery, and my art IS selling very well right now. But the bad things that have happened are too major.
First my daughter and Son in law to be got in a bad car wreck. Luckily they were both ok, but my daughter missed over 2 weeks of work and is still in physical therapy. She was hurt as bad as you can be and still not have broken bones or an "identifiable" injury. Just deep, deep bruising and soft tissue trauma, and strained cartilage(which we are learning is very slow to heal!) Thanks goodness it was not worse, which it so easily could have been.
And then yesterday we had to make the hard decision to have one of our little shih-tzus put to sleep. Bailey(far right) had been slowing down over the last few months and a few weeks ago he got a cough. After 2 rounds of anti-biotics he was better, but just not quite as perky. Yesterday we had to take him to the vet because the cough had recurred all of a sudden. Xrays revealed that he most likely had lymphoma. The next steps to find out for sure were so invasive and possibly inconclusive on top of the fact that he was having to struggle so hard to breath....the vet said we were essentially left with no choice. Man, oh man, do we miss him.
Art tomorrow I promise, but today I had to get the bad stuff out of the way.