Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jazz Man Oil Painting

Jazz Man.....10x20.....Oil on Gallery Wrap......$200 (SOLD)
This is from a photo I shot while walking down Bourbon Street when we attended a wedding in New Orleans earlier this summer. It was a blazing hot day, the bar that this man was playing in was dark and cool and then BAM! here was this smoking hot, glowing orange guy belting out a tune. If we weren't on our way to another destination, we would have definitely stopped. As it was I snapped a super cool photo.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Different Strokes From Different Folks Entry...

Beach Cottage.....11x14.......Oil on Canvas........$160
This is my entry for this week's Different Strokes From Different Folks entry...just squeaking in under the wire. We were gone last Wed. when it was posted and I almost missed it. This is just about as interesting as anything I have found in the art blog arena. Kudos to Karin Jurick for coming up with it.
I tried a new approach to this one. I got a book last week and it really hit home with me. I want to be loose and spontaneous and have the painting look "alive". There were things in the book (by artist Ted Goerschner) that really made sense to me. Many were things I already knew, but he put them in a way that it seemed like I understood better how I could implement them. Until I picked up a brush, that is.
As with any new thing you have to progress in baby steps. This is my first baby step and I can see what I was trying to do, even if I didn't actually pull it off yet. And then, on top of that, the photo is not too good. I am struggling with my camera here lately!

Spiderlilies and Geraniums Daily Oil Paintings

Spiderlilies.....5x7......oil on panel.........SOLD

Geraniums......5x7.....Oil on Panel.......SOLD

These paintings were done by commission for a lovely lady that says they remind her of her mother. She has two daughters and when she received these after I had completed them she said that she knew they would be something that the girls would keep for years to come. It is rather touching to me to think that my work might be handed down from mother to daughter.
Speaking of daughters......we have a little more news about the twins.....they are going to be girls! We were so excited when we found out, but then we thought, we'd have been just as excited if it had been boys....I think we're just excited period. We went to see my son and DIL up in Kentucky this weekend. We got to go with them to Babys R Us to register for baby stuff. Boy have things changed! There are so many cool things to help you out and some of the old stand-bys have been so improved! But man it all costs a pretty penny. And they need two of so many things!
I got in one more art show for this fall....The Three Rivers Festival in Covington, La. That means I was accepted in 3 of the 4 that I applied to so I am pretty happy about that. I wanted to do as many in the fall as I could since I won't most likely be doing any in the spring due to baby arrivals.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Chardonnay, Please

Chardonnay, Please....12x24.....Oil on GW canvas....$275

I took this photo at a bar in New Orleans when we went this summer for a friend's wedding. The bar is called "le Bar" I think. It was at the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon street where we were staying. When my husband first saw it he kept looking and finally said he didn't like it. He said "it's way too big with those people in the look like King Kong's wine" So I took another look and he was right to a certain extent. I muted the people down some more, so that they were not competing for attention and I think I came out ok.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Best Foot Forward... Oil Painting

Best Foot Forward.....12x12.....Oil on Canvas.....$150
I have been painting in the last week, just not blogging. Much has happened, much to tell.
First, the above painting is for a new blog project started by my friend Karin Jurick. The blog is called Different Strokes by Different Folks. Her beloved dog, Jack, had to be put to sleep this week. She found a positive outlet for her sadness by starting this blog. Every Wednesday she will post a photo along with the invitation for any or all artists to paint the same photo in any medium or form...abstracted, cropped, whatever. The first photo for the first week was, of course, Jack. The above is my version. Click on the link to see others, along with Karin's and the original photo.
Next we move along to hurricane Gustav. Things got pretty crazy on the coast here in Mississippi as shell-shocked people got ready to face the first real threat since Katrina. My art show was set to be Saturday afternoon, but people were evacuating and boarding up and such. When Saturday turned out to be the calm before the storm, so to speak, and was sunny and calm, we decided to go ahead with the show. It looked great and we were all set. The bad news is that we had 3 customers all afternoon (that weren't related to me) the good news is that two of them bought paintings. I could have had 50 people come and maybe not sold more than two paintings, so I was very pleased. We have rescheduled for the 20th and will do it again when people are less occupied.
But we are not through with Gustav. We returned home fairly early Sunday so as not to get caught up in too much evacuation traffic. I got a phone call from a dear friend in Baton Rouge (the one who guessed the trailer painting name a few posts ago). One of her good friends was in Jackson (where I live sort of) and could not check into the hotel they had reservations for (let's just say I will never use Orbitz again after what they did to these people). They had confirmed on Thursday, had their conf# and email in hand and were turned away! We are talking about a woman(talented nurse), her very kind and patient husband, her 80+ parents and her 80+uncle and their dog. So they came to stay with us for a couple of days. Considering we had never met them before, we have three dogs of our own, and it was a very stressful situation for them, I could not have hoped for it to have gone any better. We hit the lottery where unexpected house guests are concerned. They were the sweetest people and we are so glad that we were able to help them. In the meantime, our friend in Baton Rouge had a huge oak tree fall into the middle of their home and have had to move out while it is repaired. Please say a prayer for them all as they recover.
One more prayer request...our Hawaiian friend Ivan has devastating news about his father. They had just returned home from Hawaii last Saturday where they had gone to help Ivan's dad move into his new assisted living quarters (at his request, I might add). They got a call on Tuesday that he had had a massive heart attack. By the time our friends got there there was nothing but bad news, organ failure, no brain hard decisions will have to be made. Ivan just lost his mother not very long ago so my heart goes out to him.
I have an appointment, so I must head out, but I will post more paintings tomorrow.