Sunday, September 22, 2019

Red River Revel is almost here!!!!

By this time next week I will be all set up and will already have seen some of my Shreveport friends and collectors!  I can't wait to get my double booth (my first time to have one!) set up and filled with all my new artwork. 

The painting above is one that I re-worked from last year.  Below is the original.  At last year's Revel one of my visitors suggested that a heron would look really good in this scene.  So I added one and changed the surroundings a little bit.  I like it much better now, don't you?

Come see it in person if you are in the Shreveport area.  The show runs from Saturday, September 28 through Sunday, October 6.  It's bigtime fun!!!  Hope to see you there!

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